LifeFive: Editorial Design Challenge

LifeFive Editorial Web and Mobile App

The Challenge:

  • She reads National Geographic, The New Yorker, Broadly.
  • She wants to invest more on self-care and self-love while being good to others, seeding a more empathic society.
  • She reads during work breaks. She often works at home, when she’s not at university or the library.
  • Goals: be more rational, Discover new passions, achieve a good work-life balance.




Research-Themes & verbatims — LifeFive
Research-Themes & verbatims — LifeFive
User Persona — LifeFive
User Persona — LifeFive
Feature Comparison — LifeFive
User Persona — LifeFive
The Value Proposition Canvas — LifeFive
The Value Proposition Canvas — LifeFive / © Strategyzer AG
  • How might we offer accessible, valuable, digestible and positive content?
  • How might we help them to spend less time over screens?
  • How might we help them to spend and enjoy more of their free time?
Site Map — LifeFive
Site Map — LifeFive
User Flow — LifeFive
User Flow — LifeFive
  • Positive Content
  • Tips and Advice
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal growth
  • Empathy
  • Sharing knowledge
Mood board — LifeFive
  • Colours: Green and orange are the primary colours that generate conceptual positivity and voice to our users demand for valuable content.
  • Typography: A classic combination of a Serif for titles and Sans Serif for body copy would ensure reading easiness over our content.
  • Main Content Layout: Horizontal scrolling would enable a simple and natural navigation while also allowing users to easily filter and browse through our main subcategories and media.
    Instead of giving too much we focused on giving the enough.
    Our results wouldn’t go “preferably” above 15 and the The Article detail page would include an image gallery on the left and detailed information at the right. No need for long content articles, just short and qualitative experiences.
Brand Guidelines and Design System — LifeFive
Brand Guidelines and Design System — LifeFive
AppScreens — LifeFive
AppScreens — LifeFive
Website — LifeFive
Website — LifeFive
Mobile App Hi-Fi Prototype — LifeFive
Website Hi-Fi Prototype — LifeFive

Learnings and Conclusions




I’m Rocio. A UX | UI Interaction Designer with a user centric approach to solve problems.

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Rocío Albertos Casas

Rocío Albertos Casas

I’m Rocio. A UX | UI Interaction Designer with a user centric approach to solve problems.

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