Design Challenge: Wellness Tracking App

Wellness Tracking App

The Challenge:

  • The tool can be focused in any category that relates to personal wellbeing, such as (but not limited to): exercise and fitness, eating/diet, meditation, time management, etc.
  • It tracks the user’s progress and pushes them to commit to a healthier lifestyle.
  • The UI should reflect a fresh, updated image
  • The main user flow for the main feature of the application must have:
  • Native iOS Application
  • A Web Landing Page




  • How is Corona affecting your day to day life mental sanity.
  • People’s daily exercise habits, and its frequency.
  • Type of technology people use to practice any physical activity.
  • Impediments or blockers to not do exercise.
User Research (1): Quantitative Results — Wellness App
User Research (2): Quantitative Results — Wellness App
Feature Comparison — WellnessApp
User Journey — Wellness App
User Journey — Wellness App


  • Down Dog has few pages and is focused on the workouts. It has a clear navigation structure and it is easy to find the information and set your preferences.
  • VR Health Exercise Tracker is simple too. The most important page is the Settings where you define your metabolic information and calculate your heart rate. It is important to have a wearable to track better your exercises and see your progress, however is not mandatory to use the App.
  • The Structure of the Adidas app is the most complex. It includes a community page with events or challenges. The progress page included extra pages and navigation flows like add more activities, check your statistics or set goals.
Site Maps — Wellness App
Site Maps — Wellness App
User Flow — Onboarding and chose an activity
User Flow — Onboarding and chose an activity
Onboarding Mid-Fi — Wellness App
Onboarding Mid-Fi — Wellness App
MoodBoard — Wellness App
MoodBoard — Wellness App
Design Systems — Wellness App
AppScreens (1) — Wellness App
AppScreens (2) — Wellness App
  • A strong visual Hero above-the-fold image with a CTA to download the App for different devices.
  • The 3 main features and MVP’S.
  • An important claim from the National Wellness institution mission:
  • Another section would also show another CTA to download the app and the available devices.
  • Lastly our footer would include contact information, social networks and a much needed newsletter subscription to get updates about the App.
Landing Page — Wellness App
Landing Page — Wellness App
  • Define your goals
  • Type of activity the user like
  • Connect with your wearable (not mandatory, this step can be skipped)
  • Personal information such as weight and heigh
  • Connect with your Address book (not mandatory, this step can be skipped)
Onboarding — Wellness App
Onboarding — Wellness App
Add a Friend — Wellness App
Set a Plan — Wellness App
Wellness App




I’m Rocio. A UX | UI Interaction Designer with a user centric approach to solve problems.

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Rocío Albertos Casas

Rocío Albertos Casas

I’m Rocio. A UX | UI Interaction Designer with a user centric approach to solve problems.

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