Dissecting Bol.com’s skeleton


Why Bol.com

As stated above in the intro, one of the main reasons I decided for bol.com is mainly due to the really simple and easy user experience they have within their application. It is intuitive, clear, and you can seamlessly buy a product in just a couple of steps.

  • Over 2,5 million visits per day at their platform
  • ~21,5 million products in store
  • Over 4000 bol.com pick-up points in the Netherlands & Belgium
  • Over 20.000 partners who sell on their platform
  • 1,900 bol.commers (users)

The focus of this project

For the wireframe prototype I have used FIGMA to showcase the most common flow journey within bol.com for a simple user that just wants to buy a specific product.

current common user flow within bol.com app

The Wireframe Prototype (Process)

  • 1st Step (Inventorying)
most common ui in bol.com
my own component library for the project
searching for a component in a local project
interactive result of the wireframe prototype

Task Analysis

  • Step 1 (HP, Homepage):

Key takeaways from this project

Generating quick ideas through quick wireframe prototypes is a great a way to show to any stakeholder (design, business, tech, management, etc.) the possibilities of the next future product we want to build.



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Rocío Albertos Casas

Rocío Albertos Casas

I’m Rocio. A UX | UI Interaction Designer with a user centric approach to solve problems. https://www.rocioalbertos.com/