• Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

    Ecosystem early adapter, visionary, BigData 💚 Decentralized economy, CBDC

  • Clémence Taillez

    Clémence Taillez

    👋 Je suis product Designer chez Pelostudio avec une passion pour les Design System. ❤️🧘‍♀️🍫

  • Hiếu Phan

    Hiếu Phan

  • Sara Sánchez

    Sara Sánchez

    Digital Product Designer at @z1digitalstudio Always looking for new experiences and Ramen 🍜 .

  • Polina Gozd

    Polina Gozd

    Not such a recent graduate in Finance; Intern in Marketing Department; Book, fan-fiction and manga lover and not ashamed of it.

  • Growspact Blog

    Growspact Blog

    I have spent years educating myself about one of the world’s most important topics: the environment. Here I help people take steps towards living more sustainly

  • LC Fawcett

    LC Fawcett

    UX Designer at V-Cult, on a mission to promote knowledge and cultural transmission through XR design. http://lcfawcett.com

  • Jordane Lelong

    Jordane Lelong

    Product Designer UX/UI - Paris // Freelance www.jordanelelong.com

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