Usability Test and Site Redesign for mobile — Tripadvisor Case Study

from Anna-Zsófia Csontos’s blog post

Goals for this Case Study:

  • Identify a specific user type (persona) / scenario that regularly uses mobile trip planning apps for any type of destination.
  • Benchmark 3 mobile websites from the same type of business by applying Usability Heuristics evaluations with Nielsen’s Principles and select the one that best performs for my selected user type / scenario.
  • Conduct usability tests with 3 users to perform my given tasks / scenarios within the selected application.
  • Gather insights / findings and elaborate a plan to improve the most common pain points and frictions given by the users.
  • Address the improvements through a Mid-Fidelity Prototype.

User Type:

  • Decided to invest and spend some quality time together.
  • That like to plan at least everything with one year in advance to ensure and accommodate everybody’s schedules and needs.
  • Interested in culture and leisure.
  • Conscious about prices but willing to spoil themselves all the way.

User’s type destination:

rio de janeiro, city view from Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer).



  • What did you see?
  • What can this tool do for you?
  • Where would you search for a flight?
  • Anything really confusing you saw?
  • Were you expecting something else or other ways to reach your goal?
  • Do you like / missed any features?

Insights / Redesigns

5-second test results
  • Different nationalities, different mobile devices.
  • They all recognised it was Tripadvisor or a similar search trip planner site.
  • They all knew that it is a platform that helps you search and plan for travels, accommodations, city trips, restaurants, etc.
  • They all knew that to search for a flight you would need to go into the search bar, except for one, which was unable to detect that option within the 5-second time.
MIRO board for laying out users actions / feelings
pain point 1
ui and copy improvements
create a trip page (left) - trip listing page (right)
new user flow to reach the edit the trip page





I’m Rocio. A UX | UI Interaction Designer with a user centric approach to solve problems.

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Rocío Albertos Casas

Rocío Albertos Casas

I’m Rocio. A UX | UI Interaction Designer with a user centric approach to solve problems.

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