Usability Test and Site Redesign for mobile — Tripadvisor Case Study

from Anna-Zsófia Csontos’s blog post

Goals for this Case Study:

  • Identify a specific user type (persona) / scenario that regularly uses mobile trip planning apps for any type of destination.
  • Benchmark 3 mobile websites from the same type of business by applying Usability Heuristics evaluations with Nielsen’s Principles and select the one that best performs for my selected user type / scenario.
  • Conduct usability tests with 3 users to perform my given tasks / scenarios within the selected application.
  • Gather insights / findings and elaborate a plan to improve the most common pain points and frictions given by the users.
  • Address the improvements through a Mid-Fidelity Prototype.

User Type:

First, I needed to determine the personas that use trip planning apps.
This helps on the overall design process / thinking as they’re the ones who actually use the product.

  • That like to plan at least everything with one year in advance to ensure and accommodate everybody’s schedules and needs.
  • Interested in culture and leisure.
  • Conscious about prices but willing to spoil themselves all the way.

User’s type destination:

rio de janeiro, city view from Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer).


The only way you can make your business succeed is to learn from your most direct competence.


I would say, this was the most surprising phase of the whole process.
It was incredible to see live 3 users within the same user type I previously selected and realise how different they handled the user experience within Tripadvisor through the tasks / questions I delivered.

  • What can this tool do for you?
  • Where would you search for a flight?
  • Were you expecting something else or other ways to reach your goal?
  • Do you like / missed any features?

Insights / Redesigns

By using the 5-second method on Tripadvisor’s mobile homepage I got the following results:

5-second test results
  • They all recognised it was Tripadvisor or a similar search trip planner site.
  • They all knew that it is a platform that helps you search and plan for travels, accommodations, city trips, restaurants, etc.
  • They all knew that to search for a flight you would need to go into the search bar, except for one, which was unable to detect that option within the 5-second time.
MIRO board for laying out users actions / feelings
pain point 1
ui and copy improvements
create a trip page (left) - trip listing page (right)
new user flow to reach the edit the trip page


When doing usability tests and site redesigns there will always be room for any improvements. The mindset is to keep testing and validating daily our actions and design decisions.



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